Labels on Incontinence Products

Labels on Incontinence Products

The information found on labels of incontinence products is very important…especially when you’re making a comparison between one or more brands. Only by reading the label can one know the features of the particular product being purchased.  This is especially true of incontinence products because of the variability between different brands. Features such as absorbency, odor control, fabric, shape, size, fit, etc., should be closely examined when deciding which product will best meet your particular needs. 

Another fact about labels on incontinence products is that they may represent information in different ways…sometimes in words and sometimes by using an illustration or an icon rather than words.  If illustrations or icons are used to illustrate certain information about incontinence products, and you’re not quite sure what the icon stands for, ask a sales’ associate to explain the meaning of the illustration or icon.  As an example, a company may use a “liquid drop” icon to represent the degree of absorbency (see Figure 1). The more drops that are shown, the greater the absorbency (see Figure 2).  Therefore, if you’re seeking a super absorbent incontinence pad, it will be the product with the most drops(see Figure 3). On the other hand, another brand may indicate the absorbency in words, such as, Absorbent” or Super Absorbent.” 

I have found that most labels on incontinence products will have a picture of the item that is in the package.  The picture is important because of the large variety of sizes and shapes each company sells.  One should look at the picture and if necessary compare it with the pictures on other packages…ask yourself, will the shape of the item illustrated on the label be satisfactory for my needs?  If you are in doubt, discuss the matter with a sales’ associate.  Next there’s the size, which is specified on all brands, and, which is also very important when deciding whether or not it’s the correct size for your body.  It is not uncommon for a customer in haste to select an incorrect size, only to discover the error after opening the package…then, because it’s a hygienic product, it cannot be returned because the package has been opened.

When shopping online, you should definitely compare the count that is stated on a single package with the total count in a case, since there may be substantial savings when the item is purchased in case quantities rather than in single packages…when purchasing online, there will usually be a pull down listing of the various package counts as well as the price for each count.  This is useful information, particularly if you have high usage.  

Companies always like to tell you about advances they have made with their products.  They do this, not only through TV advertisement, but also through labeling on their packages.  You should pay attention to that type of information.  As an example, a product that once had poor odor protection may now have ”new and improved odor protection.”  If odor protection was a problem with your regular incontinence product, you might want to try a product that is advertising improved odor protection.  That, of course, is your own choice, but at least you’re aware that such a product is available by reading the label.

First time users of incontinence products should look at the label for an explanation and instructions as to how the item is used. For example, you may find a phrase such as, ”remove peel strip and insert firmly into underwear” along with a picture depicting the process.  This type of information is extremely useful especially if this is your first experience with incontinence products.

Lastly, the labeling on incontinence products will have environmental statements explaining how the item should be disposed of after use.  Again, very helpful information, especially for first time users.

I feel that I have covered the most important information found on the labels of incontinence products.  Please keep in mind, other helpful information may be found on a label, and it behooves you to follow a simple rule…always read labels on all products before purchasing or using…that’s what labels are there for.

My next few blogs will focus on improvements made on specific incontinence products.

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