Incontinence Advertising

Incontinence Advertising

You most likely, as I, have noticed that incontinence advertising is becoming widespread, especially on TV. Unlike years past, when it was taboo to even mention the word incontinence on TV, today several name brand companies are spending millions of dollars on incontinence advertising. The reasons are obvious…the population is aging at a very rapid rate, which relates to a larger portion of individuals having incontinence symptoms. I’m especially impressed with Tena’s new incontinence advertising program because it emphasizes that women can still lead extremely active lives Tena Twistwithout being concerned about embarrassing bladder leakage. This “upbeat” type of incontinence advertising is sure to eliminate the stigma that has been associated with bladder control problems. We, at Careway Wellness Center, highly approve of these new “upbeat” incontinence advertising campaigns. Because we talk to customers, on a daily basis, who have incontinence issues, we know that once they understand how to effectively control bladder leakage, they stop dwelling on its negative aspects. It’s so important for them to know that most of the worries having to do with incontinence can be cancelled out of their mind and replaced with happy thoughts and feelings…this in turn allows for a hopeful and cheerful attitude throughout each day. I personally think the TV incontinence advertising being done by Tena and other companies accomplishes just that!

While on the subject of Tena and their new incontinence advertising campaign on TV, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the Tena line of incontinence products has been Careway Wellness Center’s best selling line for the past eleven years in a row. Because of this record with the Tena Company, Careway is able to offer an extensive free sample program whereby customers can obtain free samples of any Tena product and try them in the privacy of their own home before deciding to make a purchase. This guarantees that one has selected the correct product for their individual condition. Just call 1-800-292-4343 to request your free sample. In addition, Careway Wellness Center has a wonderful program known as the Tena Club. When members of the Tena Club purchase 9 packages of the same item, they get the 10th package absolutely FREE. When you’re a member of the Tena Club, your savings on Tena products are increased even more.  View the video below to see how simple it is to join the Tena Club.

If you’re a user of Tena products, and have not yet joined our Tena Club, we invite you to join when you make your next purchase online. Joining the Tena Club is extremely simple and it’s absolutely FREE to join. Start saving even more… Just remember to join at checkout. Play the above video again if you are not sure about the process.

Next week, we will be talking about improved incontinence products recently introduced to the marketplace.

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