Incontinence Product Innovations

Incontinence Product Innovations

Today’s blog is about companies that manufacture products used for incontinence management.  These companies are well known to most… they include TENA, DEPENDS, 3M, ATTENDS, MEDLINE and other fine manufacturing companies.  Each of these companies is committed to improving its products through a process known as “Incontinence Product Innovations.”  This simply means being consistent in developing and bringing to the marketplace new and improved products. For example, on September 1, 2015, TENA introduced “Protective Underwear Extra” an72131_US_combo_TENA Protective Underwear Extrad “Protective Underwear Plus.” Both of these newly introduced products were upgrades of their predecessor products. These improved TENA products feature a uniquely redesigned core that is capable of channeling fluid into the absorbing core more effectively than their earlier underwear products. These redesigned products include a “W” shaped core and elastics that hug the underwear to the body for an improved discreet close fit.  The best part of these new and improved products is that the pricing remained the same…a better product at the same price…that truly is a win/win for the consumer.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs, it is so necessary for those using incontinence products to be on the look-out for incontinence product innovations. Companies marketing Incontinence products are in a very competitive field, and unless they continue to manufacture better and more effective products, they could be exposed to losing their position in the marketplace…no company wants that to happen!

At Careway Wellness Center, we are constantly monitoring different companies to determine, if and when, any incontinence product innovations have taken place. Through our diligent monitoring program, we, as well as our customers, are assured that any and all improved products are readily available for them to purchase.  In addition, we always have free samples of new and improved products.

We are exceptionally proud to have an excellent relationship with one of the best companies in the world…and that company is TENA.  In fact, for the past eleven years in a row, the TENA brand has been, by far, Careway Wellness Center’s best selling line of incontinence products.  Their “incontinence product innovations” program outdistances their competitor’s performance in all ways.

Because of our outstanding success with the Tena Company, Careway Wellness Center is able to offer an extensive free sample program whereby customers can obtain free samples of any Tena product and try them in the privacy of their own home before deciding to make a purchase. This guarantees that one has selected the correct product for their own personal condition.  Just call 1-800-292-4343 to request your free sample.

In addition, Careway Wellness Center has a long standing popular program known as the Tena Club. When members of the Tena Club purchase 9 packages of the same item, over any length of time, they get the 10th package absolutely FREE. Careway automatically tracks your purchases, and when they reach 9 packages of the same item, adds the 10th package to your order at no charge. Keep in mind that, the entire Tena line of products is always on sale when you buy online. Therefore, when you’re a member of the Tena Club, your savings on Tena products are increased even more.  View the video below to see how simple it is to join the Tena Club.

If you use Tena products, and have not yet joined Careway’s Tena Club, we invite you to join when you make your next purchase online. Joining the Tena Club is extremely simple and it’s absolutely FREE to join. Start saving even more… just remember to join at checkout. Play the above video again if you are not sure about the process.

Next week, we will be featuring an incontinence product that has recently been introduced with excellent reviews.

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