Incontinence Products at Great Savings

Incontinence Products at Great Savings

How do I lower my costs for incontinence products?

Excellent Question!  There definitely are ways to buy incontinence products at great savings.  You can lower your costs when purchasing incontinence products by being aware of special programs offered by certain companies. There are only a handful of companies that offer loyalty programs to their customers and Careway Wellness Center is one of those companies.  Careway has an excellent loyalty program specifically formulated for their Tena customers.  If you’re a Tena user, the information found in this Blog will explain how to save substantial amounts of money when purchasing your incontinence products.

At Careway Wellness Center, we consistently offer a variety of programs to help our customers purchase incontinence products at great savings. Most of our programs are linked to Tena products, and are designed to save money for our customers when they buy any Tena product.  To start, all Tena products are already discounted on our 62718-TENA-night-super-pad-combo-300website.  Therefore, when you make a Tena purchase online, you are assured of receiving a discount on every item.  To do even better than giving you a single discount, we have developed other programs that will lower your price on Tena products even more. The first thing you should do is join the Tena Club…when you’re a member of the Tena Club, you get an additional 10% off your purchases…and that’s not all…we offer even more discounts in our weekly online NEWSLETTER.  When you take advantage of all of these discounts¸ you can save hundreds of dollars annually.  Do the math and you’ll be amazed at the savings.  So, save time and money by purchasing your Tena incontinence products online, in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Further, when you buy incontinence products from Careway Wellness Center, you are guaranteed that you’re getting a great value and the best quality incontinence products available.

How to save even more on incontinence products

The Tena Club is our own creation and we have a passion for its concept because it’s so easy to join and it helps our customers save money.  You’ll get an additional 10% OFF your Tena purchases, which can be a substantial annual savings.  The Tena Club is a unique program with members throughout the entire United States.  Membership is absolutely FREE and registering to become a member of the Tena Club is quick and easy. Below, you will find a video that walks you through the process on how you can become a member of the Tena Club.  You can also call us directly at 1-800-292-4343 and ask one of our incontinence specialist to sign you up for the Tena Club. 

Do you have questions about incontinence?

Our incontinence specialists have been helping customers find the best solutions to their incontinence problems for over thirty years. A common example of how we help our customers is when they are having changes with their incontinence patterns.  For instance, one may find that it is necessary to change liners or pads more often because of more frequent leakage or, in another case, it may be that one is experiencing heavier leakage during the night. Both of these problems may be solved by using a different Tena product.  In these situations, the customer would be advised to try alternate products that are more absorptive…we would offer to send them a Trial Kit, free of charge. Once the trial kit is received, the customer is in a position to get a feel for which product is best suited to better control her or his absorption needs.  So, don’t hesitate when you have questions about incontinence issues. Call us at 1-800-292-4343.

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