Level of Incontinence

Level of Incontinence

I’m often asked if I enjoy writing a Blog about the subjects of incontinence and incontinence products.  My answer is always yes, since I know I’m helping men and women who are being challenged in life with simply a management problem and not a serious medical problem. Incontinence is not a disease, but instead, a symptom that can be managed without having to take drugs or having to undergo prolonged treatment by a doctor.  I must qualify that last statement by saying if your symptoms go beyond the well known symptoms of ordinary incontinence, seeking professional advice may be necessary. There is an enormous amount of information available to help people manage their incontinence condition.  If my Blog can help by offering product information and advice for better incontinence management, that’s all I need as a personal reward for writing this Blog.

Today’s Blog will cover how one’s level of incontinence is directly related to selecting an incontinence product that will best manage urine leakage. One’s level of incontinence simply means the degree of urine leakage encountered during the day and sleep periods.  Leakage can range from very light to very heavy. The best method for selecting the most effective incontinence product for your personal condition is to approach the situation as follows: first recognize your level of incontinence…once determined, if you are shopping in a store, read the information on the label to find the best item for your level of incontinence.  If you’re shopping online, you should look for a detailed description of the product to determine if it will be satisfactory for your level of incontinence.  By following this procedure, you will be successful in finding the product that is best suited for your personal level of incontinence.    
Careway Wellness Center has found the Tena company to be the absolute leader when it comes to innovative products that will improve the quality of life of those with incontinence. Today’s Product Spotlight will feature two Tena products that have been selected for women who have different levels of incontinence.  The first product is associated with small amounts of urine leakage that occur infrequently during the day.  The second product is associated with large amounts of urine leakage that occur throughout the day and sleep cycle.


56300_us_combo_activeLiner_regTENA Serenity Active Liners Regular – This product is designed for light bladder weakness. They’ll protect you better than a regular feminine protection pantiliner so you stay dry no matter what.  Many things can trigger leakage, such as, pregnancy, childbirth and prescription drugs. Even laughing, coughing or yes, the natural part of aging. These liners will give you freedom to do what you want.

Tena Protective Underwear Plus AbsorbencyTENA Protective Underwear Plus Absorbency – This product is designed for heavy leakage. It is a pull-on type underwear that offers amazing absorbency.  Designed for women. It fits close to the body and feels just like regular underwear. Best of all, you’ll have Peace of Mind because the only person who will know you’re wearing them is you. –

Click on the above images to learn more about these excellent Tena products.

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