Tena Liners and Pads

Tena Liners and Pads

Tena Liners and Pads

Before discussing Tena Liners and Pads, I think this is a good time for a little “pep-talk”.  You should not feel that you are alone if you have what is commonly referred to as an over active bladder (OAB).  Literally millions of people have symptoms that are associated with an OAB.   More precisely, as many as 45 million people who are 40 years old or older have OAB symptoms. The most common symptom and usually the first sign of an OAB is an urgency to urinate that comes on quickly and becomes more frequent as time passes.  When this symptom cannot be controlled, you will begin to have accidents or what is generally termed “leakage” of urine. At this point, one is considered to have the condition known as urinary incontinence.  Urinary incontinence usually manifests itself in gradual stages ranging from minor leakage that is somewhat controllable to more serious leakage that is uncontrollable.

It is not unusual for those with urinary incontinence, especially in the early stages, to cope with their symptoms and prefer not to discuss them with anyone…mostly because they are embarrassed.  This results in a complicated daily lifestyle; one in which activities are planned around bathroom visits in order to prevent urine leakage.

There are many myths floating around about urinary incontinence, and it’s up to you as an individual, to know and understand the true facts versus the falsehoods about urinary incontinence. Once this is accomplished, you will be on your way to effectively manage your urinary incontinence symptoms. I have addressed the most common myths in a previous Blog… it may be of value to review that Blog.

I much prefer to take to my readers positive news rather than negative news about urinary incontinence because there is plenty of good news available.  In other Blogs that I’ve written…three in particular, I present encouraging news for those who have urinary incontinence…I recommend you visit these Blogs.  They are listed below…just click on the link for viewing.

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Okay, now that we’ve addressed the topic of an over active bladder and urinary incontinence, let’s go on and discuss how one goes about managing these conditions.  There are a host of excellent products available in the marketplace for efficiently managing all stages of urinary incontinence.  They include liners, pads, briefs and underwear.  You’ll be amazed at the advances the manufacturers have made in the development of incontinence products over the past ten years. They have literally invested hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development, and as a result of these investments, today’s incontinence products have been dramatically improved. The two most important improvements have been: (1) the addition of inert substances capable of greatly increasing the volume of liquid that can be readily absorbed, and, (2) the discovery and incorporation of agents that are capable of eliminating urine odors.  The days of the diaper configuration are gone forever, and to take their place are products that “look-and-feel-like-regular underwear”; products that provide maximum protection against leakage; and products that ensure odor elimination.  That’s all great news for those who are new to the needs of incontinence products as well as to those who have been using incontinence products for years.

Today I’m SPOTLIGHTING products that fall into the category of LINERS and PADS for light leakage.  The use of LINERS and PADS are for those who are in early stages of urinary incontinence and require a low level of urine absorption because of a low level of leakage.  For the past eleven years in a row, Careway Wellness Center’s best selling LINERS and PADS have been those manufactured and marketed by the Tena Company.  Because of their popularity among users, Tena products will be spotlighted.


TENA® Serenity® ACTIVE™ Liners Regular

Tena Liners and Pads work perfectly to absorb occasional light leakage. These products are thin and discreet and easily capable of absorbing small amounts of leakage. As you would suspect, the LINERS would be the choice for the least amount of leakage whereas the PADS are suited for slightly more leakage.  Both the LINERS and the PADS are designed to fit contours of the body and are pH balanced to neutralize urine odors. The thin LINERS® are called TENA® Serenity ACTIVE™ and come in both Regular and Long shapes.

TENA® Serenity® Active™ Ultra Thin Pads

Within the PAD category, the SPOTLIGHTED product is TENA® Serenity ACTIVE™ Ultra Thin Pads also in both Regular and Long shapes.  The LONG shaped LINERS and PADS are designed for extra coverage so you feel protected every step of the day.  Click on the images to get full details of these excellent Tena products..

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