As a simple definition…I would say that  an “underpad” is an incontinence product commonly used to protect mattresses, chairs, sofas, recliners and other furniture from getting wet.

In some cases, when managing the incontinence of a loved one, an important step is the use of underpads.  They are placed on the surface of bed sheets or on a chair to prevent urine contact with the mattress or chair upholstery.  Essentially, anytime a wetness incident becomes common, the use of underpads is the most popular option to keep bedding and furniture dry.  There are two types of underpads; those that are disposable and those that are reusable.  We will cover disposable underpads first.

Disposable Underpads

TENA InstaDri Air Underpad
TENA InstaDri Air Underpad

Disposable underpads are marketed by several companies and vary in absorbency.  The absorbency is dictated by the amount of material that is added to the underpad for the purpose of absorbing the wetness.  This material can be from a paper fluff to super absorbent polymers or a combination of both.  You will most likely find those products with super absorbent properties to be more expensive; however, by being a smart shopper, you will be able to save by taking advantage of online and in-store sales as well as by buying underpads in case quantities.  Another feature of disposable underpads is a strong cloth-like moisture proof backing, which helps reduce the possibility of tearing and at the same time prevents penetration of wetness.  Disposable underpads are also constructed with a backsheet that helps keep the skin dry.  It’s important to select an underpad according to the amount of leakage one has during the day and night.  If there is a large amount of leakage during the night, it is safe to say you will need to purchase the heaviest absorbency pads you can find.  This may be a trial-and-error process, but once you choose the correct underpad for the absorbency in question, you will have a less complicated life as a caregiver.  Search our offerings of disposable underpads…several are on sale at substantial savings.  As previously mentioned, disposable underpads are available at different absorbency levels ranging from light to heavy protection, therefore, as changes take place with wetness levels, changes may also be necessary in selecting the best underpads to meet the conditions at hand..  Careway Wellness Center carries a large selection of disposable underpads…most are on sale.  Of all the brands offered, Tena has been Careway’s best selling and most popular brand for the past 4 years in a row, and remember, if you join our Tena Club, you will receive a free package when you purchase nine of the same item.  Read more about our popular Tena Club below.

Reusable Underpads

Sofnit 200 Reusable Underpads

Reusable underpads are washable instead of disposable.  In general, you will find that reusable underpads are as effective as disposable underpads for absorbing wetness.  They are used in the same manner as disposable underpads, but instead of disposing them when soiled, one simply washes and reuses them.  Reusable underpads, like disposable underpads, are placed over sheets to protect the mattress from wetness.  They are quite appropriate for placing on upholstered furniture because they are manufactured to be pleasing in appearance.  It is recommended that you purchase more than one reusable underpad because there will be times when you will need to replace a soiled one with a clean one without having to worry about immediately washing and drying the soiled underpad.

Reusable underpads are marketed in large sizes to cover large areas of the mattress and can be purchased in singles or multiple quantities.  Claims are made by manufacturers about the number of washing before reusable underpads should be discarded.  All of these factors should be evaluated when comparing disposable and reusable underpads.  Do the math!  You may find that what you thought was the most economical and best decision, actually is not the best decision.  The ultimate decision as to whether to use disposable or reusable or even a combination of both will be different for each person.  Experimenting on your own is the best way to decide.  Like disposable underpads, Careway Wellness Center carries a large variety of reusable underpads, many of which are on sale for substantial savings.

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