Redesigned Website

Redesigned Website

We’re extremely excited and proud to announce the launch of Careway Wellness Center’s redesigned website, which has been completely overhauled and rewritten.  This is our first major overhaul of our website since its introduction. We have been working very hard over the past 7 months to redesign our website to reflect our customer’s present and future needs. While our original website was useful, it did not reveal some of the human elements that sets Careway Wellness Center apart from its competition. 

There are literally many thousands of medical and personal healthcare products available to the consumer.  We know that finding what you need on a website that contains so many products can be an awesome task. Our new website simplifies this task for our customers.  

With our customer’s needs in mind, we have streamlined our menus and simplified how a customer can access the information he/she needs to make wise purchasing decisions. Our primary focus is for our customers to not only quickly find the product they are searching for, but to also find the best prices.

You’ll love our crisp, easy to read pages.  Our Homepage allows you to quickly find the product category you are looking for with easy to read menu bars and quick links to take you where you want to go with a single click. 

Powerful yet simple to use search features allow you to locate needed products and information about healthcare by simply typing “search words” into a search box.  By clicking on our “Blog Listing”, you can retrieve new or achieved blogs in seconds. 

Information about store hours, directions, phone and email addresses, etc. are easily retrieved for your convenience. We want to be able to keep in contact with our customers, and our new website makes this quick and easy to do. 

We encourage our customers to take a brief moment to check out our new website.  Please give us your feedback whether it be positive or negative. This can be done by contacting us through our website.  By sharing your thoughts and suggestions about our new website will help us to continue to update and improve it.