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  • Alternative to crutches.
  • Lever brakes ensures safety.
  • Leg pad for comfort.
  • Adjustable height.


$40 / week
$120 / month
Not available for Delivery
Must be picked up in Woburn, MA

Rent a Knee and Leg Walker at Careway Medical Supply

Lower leg trauma such as fractures, dislocations, sprains or any orthopedic surgical involvement of the legs will usually lead to limited mobility.  Immediately, when one thinks of a leg injury or surgery, one thinks of crutches, a standard walker or even a wheelchair in order to be able to get around.  It is well known that traditional aluminum or wood crutches take significant physical efforts, especially during the learning process, and can result in trauma to the underarms.  Over the years, it was because of these disadvantages that a better solution to crutches has been sought by medical equipment manufacturers. Development and clinical trials were successful, and as an alternative to crutches, walkers and wheelchairs, the knee walker was introduced.  Knee walkers fall into a relatively new medical equipment category and they have gained wide popularity among orthopedic physicians and physical therapists.  What follows is a description of a knee walker. A knee walker is a four-wheeled alternative to crutches or a walker as an ambulation aid. It is known by other names, such as, knee scooter or leg walker.  Over the years it has taken on many forms, from small-wheeled devices suitable for indoor use to larger sturdier units capable of use outside on grass or paved surfaces. Today’s version is usually a lightweight unit with a foldable tiller design.   With the knee flexed, it supports the shin of the injured limb. The opposite foot makes contact with the floor or ground, providing propulsion.   The objective of the knee walker is to create a safe, comfortable, and easy-to-maneuver alternative to the traditional crutch. Prior to the introduction of the knee and leg walker, those experiencing foot injury such as foot sprains or fractures or below the knee surgery of any type had no choice but to limit activity during rehabilitation. Their only options were crutches, a traditional walker, a wheelchair or bed rest. Therefore, if you have a need to rent a knee walker, Careway Medical Supply is prepared to meet your needs.  If you have any questions about a knee walker, don’t hesitate to call Careway at 781-933-2345.  A customer service representative will be sure to answer your questions about rentals of a knee walker.  Rental rates for knee walkers are $40 per week or $120 per month. Unfortunately, we are unable to execute a rental transaction online, however, knee walker rentals can readily be executed over the phone. Careway Medical Supply does NOT accept any type of Health Insurance.If you need your insurance to cover it, please contact them directly.Rentals cannot be executed online. All rentals must be executed by phone or at our retail location. We carry several models, the actual item you rent may not match the photo. For more information, please call us at 781-933-2345 or use the form below to email us.