Due to COVID, we have temporarily suspended Equipment Rentals.

Rent a Transport Chair


  • Light weight transport wheelchair.
  • Swing away footrests.
  • Easy to store or transport.
  • Padded arm rests.
  • Client operated hand brakes.


$30 / week
$90 / month
Not available for Delivery
Must be picked up in Woburn, MA

Rent a Transport Chair at Careway Medical Supply

You may be considering buying a transport chair for yourself or a loved one.  If you have a bunch of questions you’re asking yourself about whether or not you should invest in purchasing a transport chair, you may want to rent one for a week or more just to be sure you are making the right decision.  Or, it may be the case where you won’t need the transport chair for a prolonged period, but only temporarily for a special occasion.  Whatever the necessity, you can rent a transport chair at Careway Medical Supply for just $30 per week.  Just give us a call at 781-933-2345 and ask a customer service representative anything you want to know about transport chairs or how you go about renting one. Unfortunately, we are unable to execute a rental transaction online, however, transport chair rentals can readily be executed over the phone. A transport wheelchair is designed to be propelled by another individual and is sometimes referred to as a companion chair or rollabout chair. Transport chairs have four small wheels instead of two small and two large. They come in different widths and weight capacities and are usually the same basic frame as a standard manual wheelchair. Transport chairs are perfect for getting through narrow doorways and navigating sharp turns in hallways.  Also, transport chairs, because of their light weight, are easy to get in/out of the trunk of a car or SUV. Careway Medical Supply does NOT accept any type of Health Insurance. If you need your insurance to cover it, please contact them directly.Rentals cannot be executed online. All rentals must be executed by phone or at our retail location. We carry several models, the actual item you rent may not match the photo. For more information, please call us at 781-933-2345 or use the form below to email us.