Foot Care

Your foot–with 26 intricate bones, 33 joints and 112 ligaments to bear your body weight-is a precarious piece of engineering. Healthy feet contribute to independence, balance and mobility; they help prevent knee, hip and back problems. Proper foot care is a daily imperative for ill or aging adults.  You should become familiar and knowledgeable about your feet.  For instance, your feet go through a continuous transformation throughout your life.  It is important to understand these changes so that you can do the right thing for your foot health.  Most obvious is the fact that your feet change in size as you grow in size.  Therefore as one ages, one should make appropriate shoe selections in order to have comfortable fitting shoes that do not cramp the toes or other parts of the feet.  Professionally fitted shoes and orthotics may help prevent blisters, calluses, hammertoes and other damage. If you have diabetes and find that you are having problems with your feet, Medicare covers some specialized footwear for diabetic patients to correct these problems.

Toenail grooming is important to prevent problems such as ingrown nails. Try to prevent cracked skin, especially on the heels, by applying non-greasy lubricating lotion (avoid between the toes and take caution not to walk barefoot when your feet are still slippery). It’s easier to prevent fungus growth by keeping feet clean and dry than it is to treat the fungus once it’s established.

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