At Careway Wellness Center, we carry a complete line of quality Bathroom Safety products.  These bathroom safety products include raised toilet seats, bath and shower products,grab bars,toilet frames, commodes and a host of other products.  All of these bathroom safety products are designed to increased your independence and safety in your own home. One out of every three adults, over the age of 65, falls each year, and 20-30% of these falls result in moderate to severe injury. Among adults 65 and over, falls are responsible for 87% of all fractures, and are the leading cause of deaths due to injury.  We have expert sales associates available to discuss your needs and explain the features of our bathroom safety equipment.  Don’t hesitate to drop in for a demonstration of the bathroom safety equipment you may be considering. If you live outside of our local area call 1-781-933-2345 for expert assistance. Sixty percent of falls among older Americans occur at home, and by far most of these occur in the bathroom. Click here to read about Health Information on Bathroom Safety.