Are you usually an “up” kind of person, but when the winter season approaches, your spirit is willing but your body is struggling — against that depressing gray gloom right outside your door. Odds are, you are one of 6% of Americans suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Whether you have this or some other form of “winter blues,” experience has shown us that some version of SAD light therapy will help you regain your emotional balance. If you feel depressed, you are probably an ideal candidate for light therapy. Careway carries the “Caribbean Sunbox”, which is a highly effective light therapy unit that is compact and can be used at home or at the office.  The “Caribbean Sunbox” uses powerful LED’s that emit 10,000 LUX of light.  Come to Careway Wellness Center in Woburn Center for a live demonstration of  the “Caribbean Sunbox”.

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