At Careway Wellness Center, we carry a limited number of products for diabetics such as diabetic socks, skin creams for diabetics, medical bracelets and other such products.  We feel that this market is better served by companies that specialize in diabetic supplies and can offer a multitude of products for diabetics.  However, for the diabetic with foot problems, Careway leads the industry.  Careway Wellness Center offers Therapeutic Shoes for diabetics. Exam and fitting rooms are on Careway’s premises. Careway is affiliated with Boston Pedorthic, a leader in the fitting, casting and crafting of diabetic Therapeutic Shoes. A board certified pedorthist is on staff at Careway to serve diabetic customers who have a need for Therapeutic Shoes.  Typical insurance coverage includes one pair of depth-inlay shoes plus three pairs of custom molded inserts per year, and we take care of all of the billing.

Therapeutic Shoes are indicated for people with diabetes, who have been diagnosed by their doctor to have complications of neuropathy and circulatory deficiencies, and face the risk of developing lesions on their feet. Lesions can easily escalate and progress to amputations. A major contributing risk-factor is footwear that causes excessive shear and compressive forces to occur in the weight-bearing feet. The primary strategy for protecting the feet of people with diabetes is to provide Therapeutic Shoes.  These shoes are professionally fitted to accommodate custom insoles, and provide a safe environment for the feet, especially in the toe area, which is very important.  Custom molded insoles evenly distribute pressures across the weight-bearing (plantar) surface of the foot.  All fittings take place at Careway Wellness Center by a board certified pedorthist who is a clinically trained shoe specialist, knowledgeable in anatomy & physiology, lower-extremity biomechanics, and disorders affecting the feet and gait.  Following your fitting, your Therapeutic Shoes will be selected and custom molded insoles will be fabricated to fit the shoes. Call today for more information about Therapeutic Shoes – 617-787-8780.