CW-Incontinence-team-page2If you speak Spanish and have a question about incontinence products, ask for Joan.  Joan will help you choose the right products for the right condition.

When it comes to incontinence, Careway Wellness Center has forty two years of experience in helping customers with their problems.  We thoroughly understand the issues being confronted by those with incontinence and are prepared to give them the assistance they need in selecting the correct product for their particular condition. Unlike pharmacies, food stores or other businesses that sell incontinence supplies, Careway Wellness Center truly specializes in incontinence and has a vast selection of brand named products to choose from. We have serviced more than 46,000 new customers since 1973.  Our sales associates have excellent knowledge about the unique characteristics of the various categories of incontinence products thereby being able to recommend the best solutions for their customers.  At Careway Wellness Center we employ incontinence specialists who have been trained to approach the subject of incontinence with the highest degree of knowledge and concern for their customers.  The fact is, 1 out of 3 women experience some degree of incontinence starting from an unexpected leak to more serious issues. Careway Wellness Center has a solution and a successful history for solving incontinence problems for its customers.

Local: 781-933-2345
National: 800-292-4343