Aids to Daily Living (ADL) are items designed for individuals who need assistive devices because of a physical impairment.  There are literally hundreds of products and devices that serve to make a person with a challenged life less challenging and more independent.   ADLs are often small, inexpensive products that have been designed specifically to assist injured or permanently disabled individuals lead more independent lives by making everyday tasks like dressing, eating and drinking, personal care or housekeeping chores easier to accomplish. Careway Wellness Center caters to seniors and those individuals with permanent disabilities or going through a rehabilitation process.  At Careway Wellness Center you will find an experienced and well trained sales staff ready to serve their clients with quality ADL products and explanations as to how to use the products. If you cannot visit our retail location, shop our online store. Careway’s in-stock Items are listed belowjust click on the category you are interested in, and you will find our complete inventory, from which you can select exactly what you need, and put it in your shopping cart. Our goal at Careway, when it comes to Aids to Daily Living, is to enable people to maximize their independence and remain active despite any limitations they may face.  

If we do not stock the item you are looking for, click on Parsons, and then on PRODUCTS.  Parsons is a high quality manufacturer of ADLs. Although they do not sell to consumers, we will order the item from Parsons and ship it directly to you if you live outside of the local area, or you can pick it up at our retail location in Woburn, Massachusetts.   When reviewing items on the Parson’s website, you will find that it is easier than ever to choose the best product to meet specific needs.  All products have been organized by category, for example; if you are looking for a product to assist with dressing, simply click on the “dressing helpers” category and you will find a variety of products that can help you improve your daily life.  


Aids To Daily Living

Tidy Tops

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