Pediatric Walkers are designed for young boys and girls who require a mobility aid for walking or for extra stability because of a weakened physical condition. A Pediatric Walker is specifically sized for a young person. Pediatric Walkers are lightweight and are usually fabricated with metals such as aluminum. They customarily weigh less than 15 pounds and they come in both folding and non-folding models. Pediatric Walkers also fall into the category of lightweight walkers because they are smaller in size. A Pediatric Walker has most of the same features as adult walkers. In essence, a Pediatric Walker offers a young person additional support when walking. Pediatric Walkers are extremely durable and safe to use. They are a relatively inexpensive mobility aid and will last for years under normal circumstances. Careway Wellness Center carries Pediatric Walkers, which come with or without wheels and can accommodate baskets and other accessories. Browse all of our walkers and find the one that best fits your needs.

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