Why we love Tena

Why we love Tena

It’s simply that Tena® products are the very best incontinence products on the market. Because of the quality and sale-womensreliability of their products, they have been Careway’s best selling incontinence products for the past 12 years in a row. .We also love Tena’s philosophy and selling approach.  As an example, this is a Tena® quote…”Enjoy the peace of mind to live life fearlessly with our range of adult incontinence products.  From pads and underwear to briefs and guards.  Tena® offers incontinence absorbent products tailored to fit the unique needs of men and women”.  I’m sure you’ll agree, a statement like that says a lot about the Tena® company.

At Careway Wellness Center, those customers who regularly buy Tena® products are never disappointed with their purchases.  Many have been buying Tena® products for years and have had to transition from one product to another because their symptoms have changed…with Tena®, you can do just that because, unlike other companies, their product line includes a complete range of adult incontinence products to meet every need a person may have…from very light leakage to very heavy leakage.

Tena Club

storefront250Because of the large volume of Tena® products sold online and in our retail store, every Tena® product is always on sale . However, we don’t stop there…we go a step further.  In addition to having all Tena® products always on sale, we wanted to do more for our customers in order to thank them for their loyalty. We did this by forming the popular  Tena Club.  The Tena Club is a win/win program for Careway Wellness Center as well as ten3Careway’s customers.  The Tena Club continuously brings us new online clients from throughout the entire country. These Tena Club customers receive an additional 10% OFF on top of their normal discounted price.  Also, as an added benefit, they have the option of receiving automatic shipments without the bother of having to place an order when they are close to needing product.  It’s all done automatically for Tena Club members.

Our passion for the Tena Club comes from the fact that it’s so easy to join and it helps our customers save lots of money.  As stated previously, In addition to our regular discounted prices, you’ll get an additional 10% OFF your Tena purchases if you are a member of the Tena ClubThis  can add up to be a substantial annual savings.  Membership is absolutely FREE and registering to become a member of the Tena Club is quick and easy. Below, you will find a video that walks you through the process on how you can become a member of the Tena Club.  You can also call us directly at 1-800-292-4343 and ask one of our incontinence specialist to sign you up for the Tena Club.  It’s so easy to do…do it today! 

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