Choosing the Right Pillow or Wedge

Pillows and wedges make sleeping more comfortable, but how do you know which to choose? Here is a simple guide to the various pillows and wedges, and their best uses for every part of your body.

Pillows for Your Head and Neck

A face down pillow features a special U-shape that gently cradles your face and allows you to breathe freely when you sleep on your stomach. A sleeper pillow has a slightly higher profile on one edge that hugs the back or side of your neck as you sleep. This ridge supports the bones in your cervical spine to keep your neck in the best possible position to avoid stiff necks and headaches in the morning. A neck pillow or bone pillow provides this same cervical support as you ride in a car, plane or train. Crescent pillows provide support at home or on the go.

Cervical pillows support the head and neck in the right places to create a healthy spinal curve. Using these pillows reduces head, neck, shoulder and back discomfort. A 4-position pillow provides superior comfort by contouring to your neck, lower back, knees or legs.

A CPAP pillow helps you get a good night’s sleep, despite the device you wear for sleep apnea. Dual cutout design of the pillow accommodates the mask, which allows you to sleep comfortably on your left or right side without compromising the fit and function of your CPAP mask.

A tri-core cervical pillow supports the bones in your neck as you lay in a comfortable, natural position. This pillow reduces nerve pressure on your neck, reduces muscle tension and stress, and helps open obstructed airways that can lead to snoring.

Cushions for Your Back

Sitting in a car for a long time can cause back strain and pain. A lumbar cushion supports your lower back to make sitting in a car more comfortable. Securing a lumbar roll to your chair or to your waist provides comfortable support to your lower back.

A body aligner pillow is a long, specially designed foam wedge that helps you maintain perfect position as you lay in bed while reducing pressure on sensitive areas. Simply place along your back as you lie on your side and lean back for optimal comfort and support. You can even use the body aligner pillow for lumbar support of your lower back while sitting.

Cushions for Your Bottom

Egg crate cushions provide comfort and support for long-term wheelchair users. Four-inch thick, seat-sized, soft polyurethane foam supports body weight and relieves pressure on bony prominences to reduce the risk for pressure sores.

Swivel seat cushions make it easier to get in and out of a chair, seat or car. Hip and back problems can prevent you from twisting at the waist to swing your legs out of the car. These special cushions swivel 360 degrees in either direction, which allows you to twist and turn in any direction without hip and back strain.

Inflatable rubber ring cushions are perfect for anyone with pressure sores, skin ulcers or hemorrhoids. These cushions provide support and comfort any time you have to sit for long periods of time. Easy to inflate and clean, inflatable rubber ring cushions are a must-have item for those in wheelchairs or who spend a lot of time sitting. Foam seat cushions provide a comfortable seating surface for those without pressure sores or hemorrhoids. Sculpted seat cushions provide maximum support and comfort.

Coccyx cushions bring seated bliss to those with tailbone pain. If your coccyx hurts from a fractured, chipped, or dislocated tailbone, or if you injure your tailbone during pregnancy or sports, a coccyx cushion can help you sit comfortably. Ergonomically designed coccyx cushions support the back while providing instant relief and comfort by reducing direct pressure on the tailbone.

Knee Pillows and More

Knee pillows and knee rest wedges helps to reduce lower back, leg, hip, ankle or joint pain. Keeping your leg elevated on a knee pillow or wedge while lying on your back stimulates circulation while at the same time decreasing pressure and strain on the affected areas. Elevated leg rests keep both knees bent as you lie on your back. These leg rests keep your pelvis tilted at the right angle to ease stress and pain in your spine.

Use a knee separator to keep the appropriate amount of space between your knees as you lie on your side. A knee separator keeps your spine, knees and hips in alignment as you sleep.

Experiment with different pillows to determine which is the best fit for you.  Careway Wellness Center’s extended choice of pillows and wedges makes it easy for you to select the product best suited for your needs.  If you live near our retail store and have a requirement for a special pillow or wedge, we welcome your visit to “touch and feel” these items as well as have a sales associate explain how they shoud be used.