Manage your symptoms and enjoy life!

Manage your symptoms and enjoy life!

Every day, we speak to customers about incontinence, and in most of those conversations we find that they know everything about their symptoms, but little about how to manage their symptoms.   We tell our customers, “manage your symptoms and enjoy life”! At Careway Wellness Center, our incontinence specialists, when talking to customers, make an earnest effort to stress how one should be managing symptoms rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of the symptoms.

Never allow your bladder to dictate your life style. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should have to curtail their activities because of urinary incontinence. Once you understand how to manage urinary incontinence, you are on the right path to taking over your life style once again. To be successful, you must learn about the various quality products available for managing urinary incontinence…there are literally dozens of products available for that purpose.  In future blogs, we will be classifying these products so that you better understand their function.

Keep in mind, that today’s incontinence products are designed, extensively tested, and manufactured for both protection and comfort. The two most important criterions these products must have are: excellent absorption capabilities…that is, the product must be capable of absorbing and containing more urine than will be discharged over a period of time (the amount of urine, of course will vary with the individual). Secondly, the product must be capable of neutralizing urine odors.  It’s very important to know that each individual will have their own needs…some will need more absorbency while others will need less absorbency.  All of these factors depend on the degree of urine leakage.  That being said, you can be assured that there is a suitable product for everyone.  It may only require a relatively short trial and error period to zero in on the correct product for your personal condition.  The good news is that Careway Wellness Center works closely with its customers during this trial and error process by supplying free samples of product so that one can test them in the privacy of their own home.

All of us at Careway Wellness Center want to assist you in finding the right incontinence product for your personal needs…always remember that bladder leaks are no huge deal. We’re confident that by understanding how to manage incontinence, you will not be dwelling on its negative aspects because there is no need to do that…it is important for you to know that most all of the difficulties having to do with incontinence can be cancelled out of your mind and replaced with happy thoughts and feelings to make you hopeful and cheerful throughout each day.

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