AT Surgical Unisex Truss With Velcro Closure

Starting at $25.95

  • Abdominal Belts offer ideal support for sagging abdominal muscles and cramped intestines, which cause constipation and fatigue
  • They provide relief from strain on the diaphragm, which may cause shortness of breath and heart overwork
  • Foam Rubber Pad rests in a fully ventilated Velcro lined pocket, with additional reinforcing straps for maximum aid and comfort
  • The Perineal Leg Strap is made of flannel and is adjustable
  • An additional feature is the adjustable waistband closure, which allows for proper fit
  • It features a double-elastic waistband using the A-T “multiple lock stitch” to prevent bulging
  • Wash in mild suds and rinse several times in clear water to clean
  • Roll in towel to absorb moisture and dry flat
  • Latex free