Welcome in 2016!

Welcome in 2016!

I want to wish readers of my blog a Healthy and Happy New Year.  For those who are dealing with an incontinence conditions, I ask…have you taken measures to improve the management of your condition?  Since this is the time when New Year resolutions are made, let me offer a few suggestions that could be of value when one is managing his/her incontinence condition.

Resolution No. 1: Most important is that you learn how to recognize the symptoms of your personal incontinence condition.  If you are unaware of your own bodily functions, your chances of helping yourself manage your incontinence condition become more complex.  So, I recommend that you make a point of tracking episodes of urination; such as, how many trips do you make to the bathroom during the day and during sleeping hours.  By that single task, you’ll be able to determine if your incontinence condition has either improved, remained the same, or has gotten worse. That information is valuable in determining what type of absorbing incontinence products you should be using.

Resolution No. 2:  If you haven’t initiated an exercise regime to strengthen the pelvic floor, do so immediately. Pelvic floor exercises or Kegels can be learned by anyone and they are easy and non strenuous to do. So brush up on the procedure and start your own exercise regime during this New Year. Strengthening your pelvic floor will help restore muscle function and lessen the symptoms of incontinence.

Resolution No. 3:  Pledge that you will not allow your incontinence condition to control your life.  Don’t spend this coming year with silent suffering because of embarrassment.  Become knowledgeable and develop expertise in incontinence management.  This will allow you to lead a normal healthy life

Those are my three best suggestions for 2016 New Year Resolutions.  I’m confident in saying, “if you are presently practicing any one or more of the above recommendations, you’re helping yourself”…and I congratulate your efforts.  If you have not already resolved yourself to all three of the above, I suggest one additional resolution.

Resolution No. 4:  Make an earnest attempt to accomplish all three of the above resolutions during 2016

Thank you!

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